About Us

Well, for now, the “US” is me, myself and I. 

My name is Beatrice Boepple-Mattaway, a life-long spiritual seeker, student, yogi, mother, wife, and I currently live in New York state, with my husband and two almost-grown sons, our rescue dog Honey, our rescue cat Rollie,  some rescued fish in our outdoor pond, and some chickens, a few that were rescued as well.


I own a beautiful little yoga studio that is right on our property and have been teaching yoga for the past 20 years.  During my yoga teacher training, there were a ton of Sanskrit words and terms that we were supposed to learn, on top of the hundreds of anatomical terms that we also were supposed to memorize.  Memorization has never been my strong suit, and at my gloriously ripened age, what memory I have resembles Swiss cheese, more and more.


SOOO… I had to devise visual aids and mnemonics to learn all these new terms.  I tend to be a visual learner, so having images to help identify the various Yamas and Niyamas was very helpful to me.  I hand sketched symbols to represent each concept and that is how I learned them.  In addition, I had visualized a Yoga themed Oracle deck for many years and, since I could never find one any place I searched, I decided to create one myself and began working on the Yoga Oracle Deck back in 2017.   As I worked on the deck, I started dreaming up an online store where I could sell the deck, and that’s where the seed for Yoga Gifts Online began.


This is my very first venture into eCommerce and as I write this, I am filled with uncertainty of how this will go, but as my Guru sings in my heart: "Have faith, everything is all right", I will take her at her word and keep pressing forward, releasing this idea into the universe.


My hope is that this will be a place where yogis, yoga teachers, and studio owners can find unique items that can support their learning and practice.  Where it will go from here is in the hands of the divine.  


I hope you find one or more items that you feel drawn to, and I hope that word of this little online store will spread so that yogis everywhere can find some of these unique items to use and enjoy!

With great respect & love,

Beatrice B. Mattaway

Owner, Founder, CEO - Yoga Gifts Online, LLC


With the Magical Grandmother Willow

@ Willow Tree Yoga, Bardonia NY


Teaching my "Socially distanced" outdoor & Zoom Yoga Class 

@ Willow Tree Yoga, Bardonia NY

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Our Furry, Finned &


Feathered Family