“The Yoga Oracle Deck is a divination tool—an oracle, using yoga asanas as the symbology to tap into your inner voice. As a yoga-based oracle, this deck is designed to be used by yogis; people that know and practice yoga, whether as a teacher or as a student.  With all the myriad beautiful oracle decks to choose from, this one is for those, to whom yoga asanas have meaning.


As with any oracle deck, the truth is that our real answers already lie WITHIN us.  Tools such as oracle decks are here to help us tap into our inner knowing. To help us clarify what is our TRUE voice versus what is just a conditioned response based on fears, attachments, insecurities, ego, etc. 


Please note that this deck is not designed to teach you how to do yoga asana.  The poses are symbolic references, for those to whom yoga speaks deeply.   With 36 beautifully illustrated cards and the accompanying interpretation book, this tool makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves yoga and who is open to that journey of self-discovery and inner growth.


May your inner wisdom shine forth from behind your questions, like the sun rays streaming out from behind the clouds!”

The Yoga Oracle Deck